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Interior Health Inspection Report 

In the interest of full disclosure we are providing you with our Inspection Report Stay safe and have a great summerJoanne WiltonRegional Manager

Interior Health AuthorityPrinted on: August 10, 20203:48 PM

Restaurant - Food Service Inspection Report

Inspected by: Patricia Rock

F.W. Green - Health Protection (Cranbrook)

(250) 420-2220

103-1700 4th Street S

Yes = In Compliance N/S = Not Assessed No = Not In Compliance N/A = Not Applicable

Restaurant - Food Service

1. Critical to Food Safety

F1.1 Are proper cooking procedures followed?N/S

F1.2 Are proper temperature controls maintained to ensure safe storage and display of foods?N/S

F1.3 Are proper cooling and reheating procedures followed?N/S

F1.4 Does the premises have the key services (e.g. water, sewer, power) required to operate safely?Yes

F1.5 Has the operator taken steps to ensure employees are using adequate hygiene measures to prevent contamination of food?Yes

F1.6 Are the foods from approved sources and has the operator taken steps to ensure that the food is safe for consumption?Yes

F1.7 Are foods protected from contamination?

2. ImportantYes

F2.1 Does the facility have proper monitoring supplies?Yes

F2.2 Are proper pest control measures in place on the premises?Yes

F2.3 Are food contact surfaces, utensils and equipment washed and sanitized in a manner that removes/prevents contamination?Yes

F2.4 Are proper freezing and thawing procedures followed?N/S

F2.5 Are the premises and equipment properly maintained and operated in a sanitary manner (i.e.

ongoing maintenance)?Yes

F2.6 Are the premises designed and equipped to ensure safe food handling?Yes

F2.7 Are there handwashing stations available and properly supplied?

3. AdministrativeYes

F3.1 Does the operator have a valid operating permit or approval to operate?Yes

F3.2 Is the premises construction and layout unchanged and in accordance with approved plans?Yes

F3.3 Are written food handling procedures (Food Safety Plan) current and available on site?Yes

F3.4 Are written sanitation procedures (Sanitation Plan) current and available on site?Yes

F3.5 Is the food service establishment in compliance with all trans fats requirements of the Public Health Impediments Regulation?Yes

F3.6 Are the FOODSAFE training requirements being met?Yes

Restaurant - Food Service - COVID-19


Are physical distancing, hand washing and personal hygiene signs posted?Yes

Is adequate physical distancing observed in the facility?Yes

Are occupancy limits posted?Yes

Are flow and points of congregation controlled within facility to ensure physical distancing is maintained?Yes

Is PPE is in use in areas where physical distancing is difficult to maintain?Yes

Are handwashing stations or hand sanitizers installed in multiple locations throughout the facility?Yes

Are barriers installed in areas where 2-metre physical distancing is not possible?Yes

Is a cleaning and disinfection schedule in place to cover all high touch areas, equipment, barriers and devices?Yes

Are disinfectants in use approved by Health Canada and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions?Yes

Are precautions, as required under the PHO Order, in place for self service stationsN/A

Are unnecessary communal items removed from client/customer areas (pool toys, magazines, candy bowls, salt and pepper shakers)?Yes

Has a COVID-19 Safety Plan been developed and posted/available at the facility?Yes

Does the facility have an employee illness plan that excludes sick staff members from the workplace based on the BCCDC guidelines?Yes

Closing Comments:

Inspection focused on review of COVID-19 protocols for restaurant and hotel operations.


-Strong, easy to understand, COVID-19 Safety Plans in place for each department

-Additional disinfection stations created throughout the premise with Health Canada approved disinfectant for COVID-19 - Multiple hand sanitizer stations in place

-Mask and/or face shield policy in place for all employees and guests

-Clear signage throughout the premise

-Increased cleaning and sanitation throughout the premise

-'Clutter' and unnecessary items removed

-Thought put into the flow of movement of individuals throughout the premise and areas of congregation identified and monitored

-2 m physical/social distancing required by all staff and guests at all times

-Daily symptom check and self monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms performed by employees


-Consider a 'drop down' table adjacent to each guest table to allow the server to drop/pick up food/beverages while easily allowing for 2 m physical/social distancing from guest

-Create an audit plan to ensure all employees are adhering to COVID-19 Safety Plans at all times

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